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“ThrowsGuru” is a nickname that was given to me, Randy Bunn, by some of my coaching buddies. The name is not meant to be arrogant but to show a strong interest and lifelong study of the track and field throwing events. Believe me, I am still learning.

My Experience

I coached track and field at the high school level for a total of 26 years at three different high schools in Alabama (Grissom H.S., Paul W. Bryant H.S. and Pelham H.S.)

Randy Bunn

Randy Bunn "Throws Guru"

I developed my philosophy and training techniques over my entire career with the underlying philosophy coming from my two years as a graduate assistant coach at the University of Alabama from 1982-1984. My interest in coaching came from the five previous years as the team manager for some of the greatests throwers in collegiate history.

Some of these great throwers were Vesteinn Hafsteinsson, Thrainn Hafsteinsson, Gary England, Stan Cain, Gary Buchanan, Barry Darling, Siggi Einarsson, Pia Iacovo, Kelly Landry, Greg Martin and Iris Gronfeldt. I am sure I left someone out, so please forgive me.

I also had the pleasure of working under some great throwing coaches in Mike Marks, Tim Jorgenson, Bob McMahon, and Nick Kyros.

Also, during this time and until the present I became a USATF official. I am currently a Master Level Official, and the highlight of my officiating career was being selected and working as a shot put official at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Ga. I continue to work as a meet officials doing 15-20 Meets each season.

Throws Guru & Friends

Throws Guru & Friends

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My Mission

I want to continue giving to the sport of track and field and I hope this website helps by providing a number of coaching, meet management, officiating, and equipment services.

At the very least, I hope you find this website to be useful and entertaining.