2011-2012 Officials of the Year

Officials of the The Year (2011-2012)

Grif Carden

Grif Carden


Helen Carden

Helen Carden

We are proud to announce the Officials of the Year for the 2011-2012 Cross Country and Track and Field Seasons!

Grif Carden and Helen Carden have been selected for this honor. Every race starts and ends with this couple. Helen is the smiling face that the athletes first see when they check in for their race. As the clerk, she makes sure that the athletes have the proper uniform as she gives them their heat and lane assignments. Grif is the familiar face at the finish line that makes sure that the finish order is recorded properly and that each athlete has run the correct number of laps. As the Finish Line Coordinator, Grif does a great job in keeping everything organized and accurate. Helen and Grif worked tirelessly this season. They set the bar high as they officiated in 16 Meets that were coordinated by Throwsguru.com

Congratulations Officials

Throwsguru.com would like to congratulate the following Throwsguru.com Registered Officials who have been selected for the 2012 USATF Championship Meets:

Douglas Allen Hammer
Larry Callahan LJ/TJ
Theodore F. Hayes LJ/TJ Asst Head
Robert O. Kern LJ/TJ
Richard R. Messenger Implements – Head
Eric C. Smith Electronic Measurement
James H. Young Shot Put
Donna M. Zirgibel Pole Vault

Douglas Allen Hammer – Head
William Archie Ard Finish Line – Head
Dwight C. Benning HJ
Gisela K. Benning LJ/TJ
Robert B. Brier Hammer
Mustapha Durojaiye LJ/TJ
Walter C. Harris LJ/TJ
Lottie F. Keaton PV
John Lee Neiswender Finish Line Coord.
Julius C. Shine LJ/TJ

Michael R. Davey CE Crew

Robert B. Brier Throws
Michael R. Davey Long Jump/Triple Jump
Mustapha Durojaiye LJ/TJ Alt.
Lawrence Guilford Marshall