Dear Official,
Welcome to www.throwsguru.com officiating service. Our goal is to serve the track and field community by providing quality officials for Track and Field Meets.
Our current clients include:
The University of Alabama
Auburn University
The University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB)
Samford University
Birmingham Southern University
The Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC)
Conference USA
The Southern Conference (SoCon)
Your next step is to check the upcoming meets page on www.throwsguru.com and decide which meets you would like to officiate. Then, simply e-mail us at coachbunn@throwsguru.com to let us know which ones you would like to be considered for and when selections are made, we will post them on the selected Officials page of the website. We usually select officials 5-6 weeks prior to the meet.
I would alsolike to take this opportunity to give you some information that will answer many of the frequently asked questions about our service.
1. Our Coordinators are Independent Contractors who work to provide officials for our clients.
2. All the major decisions concerning rooms, travel, stipends etc., are made by our clients.
3. You are also an Independent Contractor and your work is all based on your decision and willingness to officiate. All we ask is that you act professionally when it comes to committing to a particular meet or cancelling a particular meet by communicating with our coordinators any changes in your schedule.
4. ABOUT TRAVEL—Travel is usually the responsibility of the Official including the expense.
5. ABOUT ROOMS—Rooms are usually provided by our clients for out of town officials. It is totally their decision on location of the hotels, number of nights stay that they will cover, and distance that the official must travel in order to qualify for free housing. Rooms are usually provided for working officials only and double occupancy only. If you elect to bring a non-working other as a room mate, you will be asked to bear the expense of partial payment for the room. You will be given the opportunity to select a room mate from the list of working officials. You may request the number of nights that will be provided but it is strictly the decision of the client. Our service will provide you with this information through our website www.throwsguru.com and/or e-mail.
6. ABOUT STIPENDS—Stipends are not paid by www.throwsguru.com. They are paid by our clients directly. Each one has different procedures and time will vary on the length of time that it may take to receive your stipend. www.throwsguru.com will inform you of the procedures that our clients use to pay your stipends. It will be up to you to follow these procedures.
7. ABOUT SELECTIONS— www.throwsguru.com works according to the instructions provided by their clients. The client may choose to select and assign the officials from our database. If the client relies on www.throwsguru.com coordinator to make the selections we will use various criteria to make the selections. This includes but is not limited to the following: 1. Restraints of the meet budget for officials. 2. Number of Officials requested by the client. 3. The Official’s experience. 4. The Official’s Officiating Specialty (Throws, Jumps, Starter etc.) 5. The Official’s loyalty to the client (Number of meets that they have worked for a particular school or Conference) 6. Evaluation of Official’s by the Official’s Coordinators and clients.
8. ABOUT ASSIGNMENTS – Assignments will be made first on your preferences and second on the coordinator’s need.
1. Be Professional
2. Follow all applicable NFHS, IAAF, USATF and NCAA Rules.
3. All Communication to the Client from the Official , should go through the Official’s Coordinators.
4. Be on time and honor your commitments .
5. Bring a good attitude to the meet.
6. Have fun officiating for some of the best athletes in the USA and World.


Randy Bunn, Officials Coordinator
Harold Jacobs Officials Coordinator